Staff demonstrating our classes.


Our 4 Instructors shown here demonstrating some of the fitness classes we run here at the Sports Centre.

Mary is working with a body bar which is used for Body Sculpt class. The bars are also used in other classes such as Circuits, Body Blast and Spin & Sculpt. Working with the body bar will help to Increase bone density, Promotes fat-free body mass and Increase strength.

Paula is working with the Trampoline which is used for Boogie Bounce classes. This is a fun low impact workout to music. Benefits of the class include, Calorie Burn & Weight Loss, Relives stress, Improves heart and lung function, Physical strength, Muscular development, Balance & flexibility.

Niall is working on the Rip 60 Strap which is used for suspension training. The benefits of this class are, a reduction in body fat, Increase lean muscle mass, improve athletic performance, improve balance & flexibility.

Jennie is on the Spinning bike. We have numerous Spinning classes on our timetable and some of them are mixed with Sculpt or toning exercises. This involves 30 minutes of spinning and 30 of toning & stretching. Spinning is an excellent cardio workout, that burns calories, increases fitness level & cardio endurance.

For any questions on any of our classes give us a call on 028 22624.

4 more weeks of classes left until Christmas 💪🎅🎄

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