RIP:60 Suspension Training


Suspension training offers the most sophisticated form of core and full body fitness. But by adding rotational movements to your routine you can immediately increase the intensity, the satisfaction, and the results!

Using our functional training rig, your RIP 60 Rotational Suspension class will deliver a whole new level of fitness. When you exercise with our RIP 60 bands, a rotating pulley increases instability in a way that mimics natural motion. The effect challenges all your movements bringing an extreme blast to your core and full body workout.


  • Classes will cost €5 for Members and €8 for Non members
  • A full timetable of classes will be available, starting Monday 3rd November.
  • A free induction is provided in the use of the strap.
  • We will be catering  for groups of 5-10 who wish to train together in a class setting on a time which suits.

For further information call 02822624 or call into reception.

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